Sometimes life just hands us big surprises, the unexpected opportunities or changes in direction that take our breath away.

At least, that’s what happened to me right after I built this blog sometime ago.

What happened was that my sweetheart returned home after years away.  It turned out that our numerous annual visits did not do justice to the time commitment of sharing living space again after extended time apart.

His eventual return was part of every phone call, trip, and holiday, so intellectually, I expected it.  The surprise I received was the magnitude of change in my previous, and somewhat solitary, daily life. My definition of well-being shifted dramatically as personal choices became integrated with communal choices.

Being in partnership is a commitment to being present with one another and allowing for both love and caring, as well as debate and compromise. And I am finding that it is an opportunity to develop skills in social interactions beyond the first blush of romance and attraction.

Now that we’re both more adjusted to sharing space, and are making space for the surprises we offer one another, I am looking at the new ways in which I define well-being and how best to communicate them in future posts.

And it’s a new surprise and a blessing to have this opportunity to write about well-being again!